Wholebank Solution

Evaluation and set up of a wholebank system solution:

  1. Requirement analysis with business units of the bank
    • interviews with all affected business units
    • creating a requirement catalogue with the weighting of the importance
  2. Evaluation of a wholebank system and selection of a system
    • selection of systems which fit to the requirements
    • rating of the selected systems with business areas
    • generation of the scoring and preparing of the documents which are necessary for decision
  3. Implementation of the wholebank system with the customer and vendor
    • implementation of the software (set up accounting rules, products, etc.)
    • data migration (counterparty data, trada date (loans, deals, ...), etc.)
    • definition and generation of the interfaces to other bank systems
    • training of the employees (vendor)
    • testing of the new software incl. interfaces
    • day one management

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