Bank Carve Out

Carve out of parts of an exising bank to a new bank

  1. Requirements analysis for the carve out
    • preparation of legal requirements (bank license, taxes ...)
    • assistance in communication with authorities
    • analyzing necessary future processes within the bank (collaberation model)
    • interviews with all affected units concerning their business requirmentes to IT
    • preparation of the requirement catalogue with weighting of importance
  2. Evaluation and selection of a bank system
    • selection of systems which fit to the requirements
    • scoring ot the selected systems with the business units
    • preparation of the rating and documents for decision
  3. Set up of the new bank
    • assistance in communication with authorities (legal-, tax authorities)
    • modeling, documentation and set up of new collaberation modell (processes)
    • implementation of the new IT system
    • set up of all necessary data (counterparty data, deal data, etc.)
    • definition and creation of interfaces
    • training of bank employees (vendor)
    • testing of the new software incl. interfaces
    • day one management

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