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As we are older than we seem to be, we did more, than you expect we did.

  • Treasury Back Office organisation,
  • Treasury System implementations in corporate companies and banks,
  • EURO introducing,
  • Y2K,
  • Banken merger,
  • Banken carve out,
  • Evaluation of a leasing system,
  • CLS,
  • Confirmation matching,
  • Nostro reconciliation,
  • Introducing of a payment system,
  • Wholebank obligo system,
  • and much more ...

Unicredit Bank Austria Group:

  • Implementation of a wholebank system in Russia/Moscow for Bank Austria
  • Merge of the treasury systems of Bank Austria and Creditanstalt
  • Project manager for Interfaces and member of front office team
  • Part of team of carve out of markets and investmentbanking ressort of BA to Unicredit CAIB AG (project coordination)
  • Set up of Banks (organisation, regulators ...)
  • Technical set up and data migration, testing and education
  • Service Level agreements, etc, ...


  • Implementation of a treasury system (WSS) in RZB Vienna
  • Project manager for front office, back office and interfaces
  • Implementation of the treasury systems (WSS) in different raiffeisen subsidiearies with responsibility for bakck office and interfaces
    • London
    • Singapore
    • Moscow
    • Zagreb
    • Bucharest
  • Implementing of the treasury systems (WSS) in raiffeisen subsidiaries, part of project team (assisting back office und interfaces)
    • Budapest (back office, testing)
    • Belgrade (accounting, payments interface)
  • Backoffice project lead for implementing Murex for complexe derivative products

Raiffeisen Croatia:

  • Analysing/Defininig/Implementation of the payment system in Raiffeisen Croatia

Zuno Bank AG:

  • Part of the project team in treasury for setting up the new direct bank ZUNO AG
  • Implementing of WSS and interfacing to CoreBankingSystem Finacle
  • Coordination of treasury tests

First Austrian:

  • Analyzing FX positon revaluation and FX conversion reporting to treasury

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